Pharma Celsius – Brand that guarantees the quality of the cold chain

As the name suggests Pharma Celsius (Pharma°C) has become a brand for ensuring the quality of the entire cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry. It counts more than 5,000 installed Pharmalogger probes, 200 Pharma-box containers sold in Croatia and the region, 700 mapping and qualification reports and over 200 sold Pharma-chain pharmaceutical refrigerators.

Although we are known to the vast majority as Pharmalogger, which is our best-selling product, there are other products and services that we offer, which occupy an increasingly large part of our business. Because of this, there was a need to create an corporate name that represents all products and services in our assortment dedicated to the cold chain called Pharma Celsius (Pharma°C).

How did Pharma°C come about?

We offer a whole range of products and services focused on the cold chain in the process of storing and distributing medicines. In order to enable continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, we expanded the assortment over time.


At the very beginning, we started with Pharmalogger, a system for fully automated monitoring of temperature and relative humidity at all stages of the production and distribution of medicines and medical products. This innovation, apart from manufacturers and wholesalers, has also been implemented in pharmacies within refrigeration units and pharmacy space.


By increasing the need to monitor environmental conditions during transport, the Pharma Standalone system is being implemented. The system is installed in the cargo area of ​​transport vehicles.


The technological innovation Pharma-box, an active container for transferring thermo-sensitive drugs, was designed for the transfer of small amounts of medication or via different types of transport. It is designed in different sizes to meet the needs of all users.


In our assortment, we also offer different pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers called Pharma-chain. The main advantage of these refrigerators and freezers is that their temperature control characteristics are far more detailed and precise. They ensure good homogeneity and temperature stability. There i salso function to inform in case of temperature exceeding the permitted limits, open doors which can significantly help in preserving the quality of medicines.

Mapping and qualification

Alius grupa d.o.o. calibration laboratory was also established for measuring temperature and relative humidity, accredited according to the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 standard. We also offer the service of mapping and qualification of spaces and devices, which completes the entire story of the cold chain.

Currently we have over 30 wholesalers and manufacturers in the Republic of Croatia that use our services and monitor the quality of the cold chain in over 500 pharmacies. We are extremely pleased that users have recognized our brand and that we are growing every day.

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